Yestermorrow Design/Build School

As urban populations worldwide continue to grow amidst the convergent crises of energy depletion, climate change and economic uncertainty, it is critical that we redesign our cities to provide for more of their residents’ needs. This 2-day workshop focuses on practical skills usable by urban communities to achieve greater local access to, and control over, life’s essential resources.

We will introduce simple and affordable techniques for soil building, bioremediation, rainwater harvesting, intensive food production, microlivestock and aquaculture, small scale autonomous energy production, DIY air purification, and other infrastructure retrofits. We’ll look to existing urban farms, urban homesteads, and other examples of urban permaculture to explore the ways we can design and establish our homes and communities as ‘human ecosystems’ that are not only less fuel reliant, but also beautiful, productive, ecologically regenerative, and wholly nourishing.