Vermont Technical College

Electrical systems as diverse as computers, cell phones, smart grid and wind turbines are everywhere in our lives and employ similar underlying principles. Graduates in Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) are well prepared to work on these systems and many others. These graduates will be key players in the development of sustainable technologies that will transform the way we think about energy in the coming decades.
Vermont Tech emphasizes both classroom and laboratory experience. Theory learned in the classroom is reinforced by laboratory exercises in EET classes. Laboratories are equipped with instruments, power supplies and controllers used widely in the industry. There are analog and digital laboratories at both the Randolph and Williston sites where the EET degree is offered.

Graduates of the EET program are able to work in any number of challenging positions. As engineering technicians, they may participate in such varied activities as research, development, design, production, or manufacturing of complex electrical, electronic, or electromechanical products. Testing, quality control, marketing, installation, and customer service are among the job opportunities available.