Vermont Technical College

In today’s vast global marketplace of emerging products, nearly every new invention either includes mechanical and electrical components or relies on them in the manufacturing process. Traditionally, the companies engaged in design and manufacturing form teams, usually made up of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers and technicians. Each team member contributes specific expertise as needed at various stages of the project, but often with little insight into the requirements of the other disciplines. As a result, the process as a whole is less efficient than it might ideally be.

Vermont Technical College’s Electromechanical Engineering Technology program bridges this gap with an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving in a design and manufacturing environment where the challenges are both mechanical and electrical. Program graduates are prepared to bring this broader understanding to the design, development, manufacturing, and technical support of emerging products, integrating and improving both the product and the process.

The bachelor of science program is a 2+2 program that builds on the associate’s degree program with additional coursework in mathematics, control systems, servers, and more advanced engineering concepts. Graduates of the bachelor’s program can expect greater opportunity for career advancement in the field of electromechanical engineering.