University of Vermont

This five-day, intensive summer program is designed to help you transform your campus into a powerful catalyst, model, and engine of positive and lasting change – a driving force that leads society by design to a sustainable and desirable future. The program can be taken for professional development or college credit.

We stand at a critical moment in Earth’s history, a time when humanity faces significant challenges and opportunities to redirect our course toward a sustainable and desirable future. Colleges, universities, and other institutions must play a critical role in this transformation, not only by training and educating future leaders and supporting researchers in the quest for applied solutions, but also by serving as models of innovative practices and sustainable systems, campuses, and communities. This week long program offers participants the opportunity to focus on this important challenge, expand their professional network, and learn from leaders in the field at UVM’s award-winning green campus. The program will be led by Debra Rowe, President of the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development, Co-Coordinator of the Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium, Senior Advisor for the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, Senior Fellow of Second Nature, and Professor of Sustainable Energies and Behavioral Sciences at Oakland Community College and the Consortium for Education in Renewable Energy Technology.