University of Vermont

The field of Forestry is on the threshold of change, and The Rubenstein School is at the forefront as we revolutionize our forestry program through The Green Forestry Education Initiative — defining and demonstrating a new niche for forestry and forest conservation education that emphasizes the integration of sustainable design, land ethics, and real-world learning.

This major is for students who have a sincere interest in, and commitment to, the forests around us. The Forestry Program educates students to excel at planning and implementing sustainable forestry, with an emphasis on the complex social and natural landscapes of the northeastern United States. The program attracts students who want to work outdoors, who love math and science, who learn by doing, and who can embrace both the fundamentals of traditional forestry and the new technology of forestry’s future. The Forestry major provides students with an education in ecologically responsible forestry, emphasizing the complex landscapes of the northeastern United States.