University of Vermont

The Environmental Program at University of Vermont is an undergraduate program only, offering courses and degrees for the undergraduate major in Environmental Studies. However, all of our faculty can and do work with master’s and doctoral graduate students in at least two ways. They can serve as graduate student primary advisors of students in their appointing college unit; and they can serve as members of a graduate committee for students in either their own unit or in other units. Students are accepted through the college units with supporting faculty advisors. Applicants interested in working with Environmental Program faculty can contact them individually to discuss potential research projects.

UVM Environmentally-related Graduate Programs:
Environmental Biology
Environmental Geology
Environmental Sociology
Environmental History
Historic Preservation
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Community Development and Applied Economics
Botany and Agricultural Biochemistry
Botany and Agricultural Biochemistry
(ENVS appointment: Ian Worley)