The Center for Technology, Essex

Within this program,sStudents are offered a unique opportunity to experience the science, technology and management of a “living laboratory. In existence for over 30 years, this award-winning, fast-paced program combines practical applications for chemistry, physics and biology with skills useful for employment.

Two ‘majors’ of concentration are available. Forestry provides students the opportunity to gain skills in timber management, logging, greenhouse production, and landscaping. Mechanical science includes heavy equipment operation, welding, small power equipment, and electricity. Apprenticeship positions in water technology, electrical and plumbing are available to advanced students who qualify. In addition, each student will have the opportunity to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills as they produce a variety of seasonal food products. Several traditional food products include maple syrup, honey, rainbow trout, and hydroponic vegetables.

Preference will be given to students with effective math and science backgrounds. Students should be able to demonstrate mastery of basic mathematical operations, measurement, fractional and metric conversions, and logical manipulative skills.

Students interested in attending college to major in mechanical engineering, natural resources and environment fields will benefit from this program. Students planning to continue their education in fields related to industrial mechanics, or the management, use, and preservation of land, soil and water will find this program tailored to meet their needs. After an introductory “core” program, during which all students gain exposure to the major areas of instruction, each student will select a “career major.”