Green Mountain College

A new generation of researchers, architects, engineers and builders is looking at the built environment in a whole new way. Excessive energy use and resource consumption are prompting these pioneers to reexamine how we design, renovate and build our homes and workplaces. If you are looking for opportunities in the emerging green economy, renewable energy and ecological design present exciting new playing fields. Green Mountain College’s new Renewable Energy and EcoDesign certification will help open doors.In the fall of 2009, Green Mountain College introduced the Renewable Energy and EcoDesign (REED) certificate, an undergraduate program designed to help students explore the renewable energy and green building fields. It reflects the same characteristics as GMC’s award-winning Environmental Liberal Arts curriculum: the program is field-based and interdisciplinary.

GMC undergraduates can complete the REED program during their four years and still fulfill all the requirements for their major and minor programs. REED is open to students in any major. Students don’t have to be on track to enter graduate school in design or engineering, although the REED certificate will help them get there. REED provides all students with a great foundation in understanding sustainability issues associated with energy and the built environment. Upon graduation, a REED certificate on your resume will show that your rich interdisciplinary education included background in sustainability, energy and design, assisting you in your job search or your pursuit for a graduate degree.