Efficiency Vermont

Efficiency Vermont presents RELIGHT, a program designed to encourage commercial customers to enlist the support of lighting design professionals on lighting retrofit projects.

Lighting design professionals can not only provide expert advice on lighting equipment and design, but can also guide a business to the maximum energy savings possible during a lighting upgrade. Financial incentives provided by Efficiency Vermont as part of the RELIGHT program are intended to reduce the cost of working with a lighting designer.

Lighting retrofits have been successfully completed for years, resulting in significant energy savings. However, simple one-for-one retrofits that match new lighting equipment to the layout and light level of a previous lighting installation may not always achieve the maximum energy savings possible. Past Efficiency Vermont projects have shown that lighting designer involvement can increase energy savings by an average of 40% compared to standard one-for-one retrofits.

Beyond increased energy savings, redesign often also improves project economics and customers’ lighting quality—uniformity, light level, and color—appropriate to the application.