Castleton State College

The Department of History, Geography, Economics and Political Science (HGEP) is an innovative and interdisciplinary department that offers several liberal arts programs that prepare students to pursue meaningful careers and to act knowledgeably and effectively in the world:

  • Economics (major-by-contract, minor)
  • Environmental Studies (major-by-contract, minor)
  • Geography (major-by-contract, minor)
  • Global Studies (major, minor, certificate)
  • History (major, minor, honors)
  • Political Science (major, minor)
  • Social Studies (major)

These programs educate students to identify, interpret, and constructively engage the many forces that influence humanity and shape the history and future of the world. Students develop excellent skills in reading critically, writing clearly, thinking analytically, researching effectively, and arguing persuasively, and thus are well prepared to teach, to earn a higher degree in graduate school, and to embark on a myriad of careers in the public and private sector.