University of Vermont

Provides prestigious, competitive awards to outstanding undergraduate engineers who wish to pursue a specific research project under the mentorship of a faculty member. The proposed projects must fit within the general research area of the faculty advisor and must be approved prior to proposal submission. In this way, undergraduates have the opportunity and resources to pursue independent research as well as work closely with active faculty members who are leading scholars in their fields.

The competition is structured to mirror both the application process and the execution of a program that would typically be funded by an external granting agency:

students are required to submit a proposal describing a specific research project to be completed under the direction of a faculty mentor;
proposals are evaluated by a panel of four UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences faculty, and the top ranked proposals are elected for funding; and
awardees carry out the research during a semester and a summer, create and present a poster describing their work and their results, and submit a final report detailing the outcomes.
In many instances, results may be suitable for presentation at regional or national conferences and/or publication. Also, awardees are honored at a special event each year, and their efforts are publicized by the University.

Priority is given to students in their sophomore and junior year.