Switzer Foundation

The goal of the Switzer Environmental Fellowship Program is to support highly talented graduate students in New England and California whose studies are directed toward improving environmental quality and who clearly demonstrate leadership potential in their field.
Now in its 27th year, the Switzer Environmental Fellowship provides a combination of funding for graduate study, trainings to help develop leadership skills, and participation in the Switzer Fellowship Network. The Foundation’s primary interest is in developing environmental leaders for the 21st century who have the ability, determination and integrity to effect positive change. Only the most active, committed and focused individuals will compete successfully to join the Switzer Fellowship Network of over 530 Fellows selected since 1986.
Awards have been made to students pursuing a wide range of environmental fields including environmental policy, economics, conservation, public health, journalism, architecture, environmental justice, business and law as well as traditional environmental sciences including biology, chemistry and engineering. In all cases, a commitment to interdisciplinary work, applied results and collaboration is paramount.